A successful track & field or cross country meet requires long-term planning and attention to many details. Athletic Timing can assist you in any aspect of organizing and running your meet.

Finish Line Management

We can provide two Lynx System cameras for your finish line. The FinishLynx camera is accurate to 1/2000th of a second and produces high quality images to eliminate any discrepancies in determining the order of finish. The IdentiLynx video camera is also available for reading bib numbers in cross country races or longer race distances on the track.

Results Management

You will receive copies of the results both individually after each event and as a summary at the conclusion of the meet. Team scores are tallied after each event. Complete results are uploaded to Athletic.net and posted to our website. Upon request, results can be submitted to media outlets.

Live Results

A custom website will be set up and anyone with internet access can view results as soon as each event is completed. Coaches and spectators can also view these same results from their smartphone. Upon request, any event information can be included as well.

Data Management

Our software automatically seeds the meet based on various formulas, prepares the heat/flight sheets, and can handle advancement procedures from prelims to finals. All paperwork (meet program, start line heat sheets, field event sheets) can be emailed to the meet director prior to the meet date. We can provide printed copies of heats/flights the day of the meet, as well.

Online Entries

Online entries through Athletic.net will be completed for all Track & Field and Cross Country meets. We can help set up the meet in advance and utilize the Communicate/Invite feature to notify teams of the meet listing. We will ensure all meet setting have been configured, such as: deadline for entries, race divisions, entry limits, public/private entries, private meet lock, meet records activated, and whether you will be accepting only Official seeds.

Meet Management

If you're hand-timing your meet, we can still help eliminate some of the work by providing you with the following:

  • Setup and help manage online meet entries
  • Heating & seeding of all events emailed to you one day before your meet
  • Compiled meet results posted and marked Official on Athletic.net

Support / Help

Whether you're planning a meet or considering the purchase of your own system, we are here to help. Training is available for both FinishLynx and Hy-Tek. Assistance and tips on how to organize volunteers to provide timing for your own meet can be shared, as well!

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